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Welcome to your political party. Tiir Party is a Somali Political Party founded by the Somali Youth on July 22, 2006. “T-I-I-R” is an acronym that stands for Somali language (Talo-wadaag, Israac, Is’aamin, Raxmad) in English (democracy, unity, trust, mercy).

Tiir Party was established to achieve peace, stability and prosperity in Somalia, and will not stand aside and watch the pain and suffering of our people. Tiir Party is committed to support and promote any peace initiatives that will end the continue daily violence in Somalia that has been happening since 1991.

Tiir Party welcomes anybody who wants to join our effort to end the violence in Somalia through peaceful approach, and overcome these groups whose actions are killing our people, destroying our country, abusing our citizens, and violating the human rights of our civilians.

Tiir Party is committed to making Somalia a better place for all Somalis, and change Somali’s current bad reputation in the international community. Tiir Party respects, appreciates and welcomes equality among Somalis, and does not discriminate anyone to a member on the basis of his/her gender, tribe or previous political affiliations.

The purpose of this website is to provide our citizens about Tiir Party’s political philosophy  and to promote the possibility of peace and prosperity in our motherland. Please kindly join us on our journey to save our citizens, our country and our national legacy.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and please visit us again in the near future.