Scholarship Requirements

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Scholarship Application Procedure
Since 2011, the Tiir Party awards scholarships to Somali students who are pursuing their dreams through postsecondary education. The Tiir Party Scholarships winners are required to do community volunteer service hours and fill out the report form for each new semester. The aim of the community service is to encourage our scholarship winners to help their community into success, positive attitude, and brothers and sisterhood. The Tiir Party scholarship winners are required to serve their community in many ways such as mentoring middle/ high school students, community awareness, help health and educational institutions and etcetera.

Eligible Students:
· Must be Somali
· Must enrolled full time in a postsecondary educational
· Must willing to complete a minimum of 50 hours community volunteer service
· Must has good academic performance

The Tiir Party selection committee chooses scholarship recipients based on their essay, letters of recommendation, academic performance, and willingness to complete community volunteer service hours. Incomplete applicant packets will not be considered.

To apply for a Tiir Party Scholarship, completely fill out the application form and attach the following:· Essay: (2-3 pages double space). Your essay must address three areas: first, tell us why you feel education is important to you. Next, describe your plans for the future, and finally describe the community volunteer service you might like to complete next year. The essay is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your goals and attitudes about your education and your desire to help your community. If you need help finding a place to volunteer, please indicate that in your essay, Tiir Party will help you.· Letters of Recommendation: Three letters of recommendation are required and one letter must be from a teacher at your school. The other letter may be from a teacher or another adult who is not related to you. Contacts “phone, email” are required for follow up.

Questions and Answers:
Q. Who can apply for a Tiir Party scholarship?
A. Somali students who are willing to attend an accredited college/university.
Q. Which colleges/universities qualify?
A. Any accredited post-secondary schools including state and private 4-year colleges/university, community and technical colleges, and vocational schools.
Q. How Tiir Party Scholarship is paid?
A. Students must be enrolled for full-time studies, and payments are made directly to the school before each semester. Check with your school to see if the funds are available for you.
Q. What are my chances of getting a Tiir Party Scholarship?
A. Good – if you have financial need and willing to do community volunteer service, your chance to get the scholarship is very high.

Q. When are Tiir Party recipients announced?A. Students are notified within 60 days after they submit their application by via email. Students selected to be Tiir Party Scholars will send congratulation letter by via email and contact them by phone.For any questions or suggestions regarding the Tiir Party Scholarship, please feel free to contact us at info@Tiir