Message to Somali Youth

Somalia today faces a grave crisis.  The existence of our country and people are at stake.  To understand this crisis, we must understand our warrior history.  It is only by following these examples that we can save ourselves.  The Tiir Party can show us the way to do that.

We all are aware that there are many different groups that are battling in our country. Each group has their own political agenda which does not coincide with what is in the best interest for our people or our country.  This is not the first time this has happened in Somalia.

We the Somali youth have the power to change that and take over the leadership of our country and lead it into peace, justice, and prosperity without creating any civilian displacement or bloodshed. As the records of history tell us, since Allah created this earth people rescue their nations and lead into better life were youth at the age 20-40s.

For example, in late 1529-43, there was a leader called Imam Ahmed Guray who decided to organize thousands of soldiers at the age 22 to defeat the Ethiopian empire lead by Lebna Dengel. Imam Ahmed eventually defeated the Ethiopian empire and captured three quarters of the Ethiopian soil.

Here is the Tiir Party question: if Imam Ahmed initiated a revolution at the age 22, and achieved his political ambition within a period of time, what is holding us back as a Somali youth to rescue our people and country?

In late 1895-1920, there was a well know leader call Sayid Mohamed Abdile Hassan who established the idea of the Somali Union. He launched a strong army at the age 39 against the British and Italian colonies as well as the Ethiopian Empire lead by the Haile Selassie. Mr. Hassan’s ideology ‘Somali Union’ ultimately became the enterprise that SYL inheritance in 1943. Today, Mr. Hassan’s initial ideology Somali Union inspires many Somali nationalist around the globe.

Here is the Tiir Party question: if Sayid Mohamed initiated new ideology at the age 39, and his Somali Union still alive after centuries, what holds us back as a Somali youth to reunite our citizens?

In 1949 when the United Nations granted Somalia ten years trusteeship, SYL took the leadership to guide its citizens into independence. When the first five years gone, SYL decided to elect a strong leader who had the ability to lead Somali citizens into independence. On February 29, 1956 SYL elected one of the youngest SYL members called Abdullahi Issa Mohamud at the age 34. Eventually, Mr. Mohamud led Somalia into the independence in 1960 successfully.

Here is the Tiir party question: if Prime Minister Mohamud successfully led SYL revolution into the right path at the age 34 when technology was very limited, and defeated Italy and British Colons, what holds us back as a Somali youth to defeat all self interest groups and rescue our beloved citizens at this difficult time?

In addition to that, when Somalia gained the independence in 1960, and President Aden Abdullah got elected as the first Somali president, he, President Aden, appointed for prime minister one of the youngest SYL members Abdirashid Ali Shermarke at the age of 41. In 1964 President Aden appointed again for prime minister another young SYL member Abdirizak Haji Hussein at the age 40.  In 1967 Somalia elected former Prime Minister Abdirashid Ali Shermarke for president. Immediately when President Shermarke took oath, he, President Shermarke, appointed for prime minister another young politician Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal at the age 39.

Here is the Tiir Party question: if the history tells us the most effective, influential Somali leaders were youth, what holds us back to take over the leadership of our country today?

We have seen the history of the Somali leadership and youth political role. Now, let us examine for other nations’ political history and the youth leadership role. For example, Ethiopia is one of the Somali’s neighboring countries, and since 1916 until 1991, Ethiopian leadership belonged to the youth. For example, Emperor Haile Selassie became the head of the Ethiopian State at the age 24, and he, Emperor Haile, liberated Ethiopia by the Italian troops at the age 44.  In 1977, Mengistu Haile Mariam becomes the head of the Ethiopian State at the age 40; and In 1991 Meles Zenawi becomes the head of the Ethiopian State at the age 36.

Here is the Tiir Party question: if we are witnessing the youth leadership role of other nations like Ethiopia, what holds us back to rescue our country and reunite our people for a second time?

When it comes to defense for common purpose, youth are the main warriors according to the history. For example, Allah tells us in the Quran, at the end of the Sura al-Baqarah, King Saul lead an army to defeat its enemies. Right before the battle, the King’s enemy appointed a great fighter called Goliath for the individual combat.  The King Saul appealed to his army for someone to combat Goliath. No one came forth. Everybody was scared until the youngest warrior, named David, accepted the King’s request to fight one-on-one with Goliath. At the age 16 David killed Goliath with his sling.

When the Prophet Jesus come out from his shower and saw the enemy surrounding him he made a request of his xaverian (xawaariyiin): any who want to sacrifice himself for our cause, pray to Allah to take my shape and die for the sake of Allah. No one responded until the youngest of his xaverian stepped forward to replace the Prophet Jesus, save him and die for the sake of Allah.

When the Arab Tribe leaders ordered to death of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and surrounded him at the Daru Nadwa, he, the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) asked Ali Binu Talin to sleep on his bed and wear his clothes to mislead the enemy eyes. Ali Binu Talin accepted the Prophet’s request without any hesitation to save the Prophet and die for the sake of Allah at the age of seven.

Here is the Tiir Party question, if we the Somali youth embody the history of the warrior and the leadership, what prevents us from uniting under the Tiir Party leadership to participate directly our country’s politics, eliminate the 4.5 system, restore Somali unity,  rescue our country and citizens at this difficult time?

Tiir Party is the first Somali national political party declared since 1991, and it is the only political party founded by youth. Tiir is a very knowledgeable political party who understand Somali culture and the international political view. Tiir is a political party organized for the purpose of finding solutions that will assist in making Somalia a peaceful country where justice prevails.

Tiir is a political party that will preserve the interest of its people in Somalia and elsewhere at all times. Tiir is a political party that committed to promoting nationalism in our citizens and believes Somali’s conflicts can only be solved by the Somali leadership and that Somalia belongs to its people.

Tiir is a political party that has the knowledge and experience to find solutions in Somalia for the following issues: peace, stability, establishment of good strong government, implementing a well-balanced economy, equality, social development, social justice, reconstruction, commitment, accountability and sustainability. Tiir is a political party that has members who are youth, educators, scholars, politicians, poetries, business people, parents and intellectuals.

Tiir is a political party that has the ability to rebuild relationships and commitments between Somalia and the International Community. Tiir is a political party that has the vision, mission and leadership to unite Somali citizens, and resolve its political problems in Somalia and elsewhere.  Tiir Party believes that if we ‘Somali youth’ work together, unite under the Tiir Party umbrella, we will be able to reunite our people and rebuild our country.

After an era of unnecessary civil war and lawlessness, we the Somali youth must set our self a significant tasks and higher goals to unite our nation for a second time.  We the ‘Somali youth’ need to stop waiting for a resolution provided by someone else and get ready to resolve our country’s political conflict right now, ourselves.

As the Somali youth, there is little that separates us and now is the time to focus on all of the things that we have in common. We must put aside our differences to rescue our national dignity.  To know more about Tiir Party principles, policies, members, and structure, please kindly visit WWW.TIIR.ORG and contact us through the website, we will respond to you immediately.

Thank you all very much and my Allah blessing be with you and your families here and after.

Executive Board
Tiir Party