Why We’re Different

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We are different from any other Somali political parties because of the following seven reasons:

1) We are the only Somali political party that organized by youth and led by youth.

2) We want to establish a federal government system  in Somalia and oppose central government.

3) We want to eliminate the prime minster position from the constitution, and replace vice president to make Somali politics on three powers: “president and his cabinet, house of parliament, and judicial branch.

4) We want to eliminate 4.5 because it does not resolve Somali political conflict, and  replace political party system.

5) We are political party who is willing to talk and work with Somalis and non-Somalis for the interest of our people and country.

6) We select our members based on their quality of education, leadership experiences, spirit of inclusiveness, dedication to public service, and cultural awareness.

7) We do not discriminate anyone to join us on the basis of his/her gender, tribe, age or previous political affiliations.