Tiir Party Committees

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Tiir Party has the following four Committees in every where that its representatives reside in order to operate effectively and respond our citizens’ demands. Every member of the Party has the privilege to join any Committee that he/she interested, and required to submit his/her letter of interest to the Local Executive Director then wait for approval. The members of the Party Committees should be categorized active members, volunteers and supporters.

Political Affairs Committee:
PAC was organized for the purpose of reflecting all interests of the Party and the State of the Somali Republic. This Committee should be accountable to organize overall political activities, mediate between the Somali opposition groups, and promote the Party political agenda through peace process.

PAC is accountable to search and prepare policy recommendations to the Somali Parliament regarding issues that facing Somalia local, region, or federal level. PAC always encourag our citizens to participate in the legislative process and other political movement in our country. PAC encourage Somali youth to participat politics, and advocate to establish in Somalia a politics based on party, not clan base.

Social Development Affairs Committee:
SAC was formed to train people and reflect our civilians’ demand in the area of education, health, infrastructure, and occupation. SAC should be accountable to organize educational competition, social awareness, and athletic programs, promote tolerance, respect, compromise, collaboration within the Somalis and wipe out the harmful effects of tribalism.

SAC was organized for the purpose of finding new opportunities for our citizens and protect women’s rights, children, elderly, and the fundamental human freedom through the elimination of racism, and racial discrimination. SAC also addresses important social development questions such as issues related to youth, family, age, persons’ with disabilities, crime prevention, criminal justice, and drug control.

Finance Affairs Committee:
The purpose of the FAC is to assume total accountability of the Party financial success, report overall disbursement, and investment to the Executive Body. FAC should be accountable for the Party’s annual budget preparation, financial recording, receipts, disbursements, recruit sustainable memberships, and provide quarterly finance statements.

FAC was formed to be accountable for the Party’s financial affairs control, and works very closely with the Local Executive Directors to generate finds resources for the Party. FAC monitor quarterly financial statements of the Party and recommend adjustments to the Executive Body when deems necessary to maintain a balanced budget.

Faith & Cultural Affairs Committee:
FCAC was formed to establish intercultural deversity in Somalia in all matters pertaining to the arts and culture of the nation. FCAC should be accountable to hold seminars, and trainings to promote cultural diversity and eliminate ethnocentrism. FCAC should be accountable to organize history, faith and cultural awareness programs, debates about Islamic government view in democratic system, reach out Islamic groups, and sell the Party’s political position about Islamic faith and the world political views.

The purpose of the FCAC is to establish open debate programs between the Islamic scholars, educators, politicians, and youth. FCAC believes in order to prepare excellent future leaders who can engage their communities and successfully advocate for their needs, it is imperative to extend the benefits of debate. FCAC will promote Somali literature, arts, poet, national songs, and history by establishing a collaborative open debates and discussions.