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Tiir Party was organized to meet the challenges that are facing Somalia at this difficult time, like unite Somali citizens for second time, and rebuild Somali’s international reputation. After an era of civil war and lawlessness, Tiir Party set a significant tasks and higher goals to rescue Somalia and lead it into a better life. Tiir Party believes Somalia’s conflicts can only be solved by the Somali leadership, and that Somalia belongs to its people.

Tiir Party’s political agenda is to maintain Somali citizens’ interest and provide them with a peaceful atmosphere for living. Tiir Party understands the culture of the Somali citizens, the world political view, and has the ability to provide a bridge between the two. Tiir Party main political agenda is to find solutions for the Somali political conflict; and leave the past for history not as a base of retaliation. Tiir Party platform is reflecting the need of the Somali citizens of today and tomorrow.

Tiir Party believes together we can envision a process to reconcile and end our political conflict through a peaceful approach. This platform represents Tiir Party’s political stand point and covers the following five categories:
1). Government Style.
2). National Security Plan.
3). National Economic Sources.
4). National Infrastructure Approach.
5). National Foreign Policy.

Government style:
Political Theory:
Tiir Party will implement a functioning federal government that will be elected by its people, and work in the best interest of the Somali citizens and the country. Tiir Party will establish transparent, fair, sincere, and responsible federal government that honors, protects, and respects the voices of the Somali citizens.

Tiir Party will establish a federal government in which power is divided between federal authority and regional levels. We will establish a government that will take place various levels and branches in which all take part in the decision-making process.

Tiir Party will establish federal government that will open opportunities to every Somali who wants to participate in politics and elections. Tiir Party will establish a government consists of president, vice president, fifteen minsters and numerous deputy minsters as needed.

Tiir Party will eliminate the prime minster position from the constitution and replace vice president to eliminate political vacuum in the executive branch.  Tiir Party will establish government system based on three major powers: president and his cabinet, parliament, and completely independent powerful judicial branch. Tiir Party will divide the parliament in two houses “house of representatives which based on the number of the population in the region, and house of the senators which will be one senator from each region.

Tiir Party will establish a fair system in Somalia because we believe that fairness comes from opportunity; opportunity comes from development; and development comes from progress and prosperity. We offer our nation not only a new political agenda, but also new opportunities with an objective of creating a welcoming society in which all Somalis have a place. Tiir Party leadership will eliminate tribalism, poverty, illiteracy, diseases, in equality, and corruption.

Tiir Party leadership will promote justice, equal opportunity, equal access for education, transparency, and well-being for all Somali citizens. We will establish people registration and photo ID, which will be required to every Somali citizens or permanent resident person to have in order to get a career or rent apartment in Somalia.

Tiir Party will recognize 18 states boarder before the civil war because Somalia never obtains government that controls the entire country since then. We will divide the 18 states into three categories and assign each group one specialty:
–  Three states would have the highest university.
–  Three states would have the highest hospital.
–  Three states would have the national military base.
–  Three states would have the highest secure jail station.
–  Three states would have the highest factories.
–  Two states would print the national currency.
–  One state would have the capital city of the nation.

National Security Strategy:
Emergence Service:
Tiir Party will establish such a universal emergency number that everybody in Somalia can call as a local number for an emergency assistant. The number would be “114” because it is very short and easy to remember. We choose this number because it is a numeric number that represent the surah numbers of the holy Quran, which is easy to remember for all Somali citizens at all age.

Defense Plan:
Tiir Party Leadership will reestablish strong Somali national army and categorize into three major branches: Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry Foreign Affairs.

–  The Ministry of Defense will protect national security both external and internal and categorize below five departments:
1). Army Force
2). Air force
3). Navy Force
4). Military intelligence
5). Special Army

– The Ministry of Interior will categorize below five departments and handle policing and border control security affairs:
1). Criminal  Investigation Department
2). Emergency Police Commandos
3). Police Force
4). Federal Traffic Department
5). Department of Border Enforcement.

–  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will deal duties of non-military security and would be categorize below five departments:
1). Ambassadors
2). Military Attaché
3). Intelligence Agency
4). Office  of Education
5). Office of  Investment

Tiir Party Leadership will establish an open communication, direct collaboration, and strong networking system within the three national defense branches to secure all external and internal security affairs of the Somali Republic and its citizens. All three branches will take the order directly by the president of the nation through the general defenses.

National Economic Strategy:
Economic Theory:
Tiir Party Leadership believes in the twenty first century Somali’s major economic sources can not be based on livestock production which was the main sector of the Somali economy in terms of employment and foreign exchange. In order Somalia to compete the real world, we are planning to develop five major economic sources for the Somali Republic:
1). Agriculture resources
2). Oceanic resources
3). Tourism resources
4). Minerals resources
5). Livestock resources

We will promote an economic system that based on privatization. We will privatize all economic resources in Somalia and open financial loan opportunity without interest for those who are seeking business investment at affordable price. We will set-up for those who are taking financial loans an easy transparency system they can repay in timely manner. We will create a fixed terms, shared benefits, and regulations in every private sector.

We believe this kind of privatization will initiate an economical momentum in Somalia, create jobs, and bring more taxes revenues to the federal government of the Somali Republic.  We privatize all public source including agriculture, oceanic resources, tourism, minerals, and livestock with an equal opportunity for all Somali citizens. We will create a competitive industries with well-informed consumers, and well-regulated to improve the lives of the Somali citizens.

We believe private sectors will generate profits for their shareholders and deliver many high quality goods and services than government because privately owned companies/organizations are accountable in the context of the quality and price of their products or services.

We believe transferring of government services and assets to the private sectors will bring progress and prosperities in Somalia. Therefore, we will promote that Somali federal government should prepare the playing field which means every ministry will develop system, and regulation that fits its circumstances.

We will required every ministry to set-up a system that can work the demand of the Somali citizens, which everybody can take advantage to establish his/her privatized business. Equal opportunities for political participation, business entrepreneurship, healthy benefits, and educational access would be one of the highest priorities of the Tiir Part Leadership at all time.

National Infrastructure Strategy:
Rebuilding Procedure:
Tiir Party Leadership’s first priority is to rebuild Somali highways, roads, bridges, public institutions, and restore rivers/lakes. It is our commitment to establish high quality infrastructure that connects house to house, business to business and region to region to make easier our citizens’ life style.

We will reconstruct public institutions such as educational and health institutions to provide our citizens the best education and clinical facilities in the twenty first century. We want make sure that every Somali citizens should get an equal opportunity to have the following five basic human rights:
1). Road
2). Telecommunication
3). Postal delivery service
4). 24 hours electricity
5). Water system

Tiir Party infrastructure strategy will focus the following seven categories: Roads, Airports, Oceanic ports, Telecommunications, Post offices, Electricity, and Water system.

We want put under the federal government to maintain all Somali inter state highways and set-up codes, which consist of only numbers. We also want to establish understandable codes for the local regional streets, which consist of either numbers or names to make easier the mailing deliveries, traffic streams, directions, and the safety improvement. We want local regions to supervise their local roads’ maintenance, but the cities leaders would be accountable to maintain their local roads’ renovation and rebuilding.

We want to privatize local airports, local ports, electricity, telecommunications and water system management; however, the federal government will regulate all these private sectors to prevent corruption activities and safety issues. We want the federal government to maintain and manager all Somali’s international airports and international ports to secure the safety of the Somali citizens and country.

We want put under the federal government’s authority to maintain post offices, provide smoothly postal service for the Somali citizens and monitor their safety.  The federal government would set-up policies, procedures, delivery times, and postal rates that are similar to the standard of the universal postal service delivery principle.

We want structure different postal office locations in every region and postal boxes in every city in Somalia to make sure that every home in Somali or resident gets an opportunity for 24 hours convenience and reliable postal service. We want federal government has statutory monopoly on access to all letters, boxes and other materials delivered through Somali post office, and the federal government would have the authority and privilege to approve or reject any item.

National Foreign Policy:
Neighboring Countries:
Tiir Party believes that Somali State would be more secure and peaceful when Somalia establishes good relationship with its neighboring countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti. Therefore, we commit to make sure that our foreign policy would be reflecting to the current reality in the Somali neighboring countries.

Tiir Party Leadership wants to maximize Somali national security by pursuing two things: formulating cooperation in peaceful manner with the Somali neighboring countries; and eliminating offensive behaviors that led Somalia failure in the past. We will promote to use defensive motivations rather than aggressive behaviors to gain direct economic advantage and peace from our neighboring countries.

Foreign Countries:
Tiir Party foreign policy would be focusing to build mutual respect and mutual interest between the Somali Republic and the foreign countries such as African countries, Muslim countries, European countries, North American countries and Asian countries. We are planning to sit down for direct negotiation with all these countries without preconditions and develop trades based on education, technology, political alliance, or diplomacy cooperation.

Tiir Party immediate agenda is to re-shine the current Somali foreign policies with the foreign countries based on political partnerships, economic trades, religious associations, or ethnic affiliations. We believe Somali foreign policy must pursue to increase the power of the Somali Republic, and decrease the power of its enemies at all time.

We are planning to make sure that Somali foreign policies with the foreign countries would be based on mutual cooperation and better understanding, rather than creating conflict. We believe that Somali foreign policy would be a safeguard to the Somali national interests at all time.

None-State Actors:
Tiir Party believes that Somali State should also have to interact with non-state actors depending on the level of globalization and transnational activities. We believe it is imperative that Somali Republic should seek political advantage from non-state actors when it necessary. We believe dealing with the non-state actors can be use the purpose of Somali national economic empowerment, power projection, political diplomacy and ensure Somali state sovereignty.