Message for Peace Reconciliation

What is the best way to reconcile our unnecessary conflict?

We need to know every nation on earth had an experience with conflict. Days after, they find out a way to settle or resolve their problems and move forward. When nations go to war, usually they get together with collaboration one another and figure out a way to initiate new path for peace and endconflict. Therefore, it is inconceivable why we ‘Somalis’ never find out a way to reconcile our two decades unnecessarily conflict!

We need to know peace is in our hands and need to work for it collectively and individually. Since we lost our central government, we often do collectively and individually the most unpeaceful characters in terms of supporting one another to continue conflict, insulting one another to increase hater and promote personal interest rather than national interest.

We need to recognize collectively announcing peace without collaboration and compromise does not work because peace is a gift you can give to others and to yourself. If you ‘Somali person or group’ seeking peace with a sincere heart, you need some deep thoughts to bring you to peace. When we are talking about our peace making efforts, we need to choose our words carefully and speak in as simple terms as possible.

Because we do not want to lose people in terminology; and we also do not want to enlarge hater between our people. When we are speaking in public, such as conference or media, we need to watch what we are saying because one mistakenly word you say may cause to lose many people. If our goal is to create a world full of peace and harmony, then we should treat each other with respect and dignity at all times.

We need to know both individually and collectively when you ‘Somali person or group’ act out in aggressive with your words; you are hurting other people and lowering yourself. Therefore, it is imperative to be carefully of any speech that insult, defame or prejudiced against another’s political view or faith because that may increase hater and demolish our lovely brothers and sisterhood.

We need to know in order to make peace possible in our country; we need treat with one another kindness and respect. We need to understand both individually and collectively everyday we pass through difficult situations that cause our people stress, anxieties, worries or unhappiness. Our people often face problems such as faith or cultural assimilation, displacements, starvations, diseases, conflicts at everywhere in the world.

In order to reconcile our conflict and move forward, we need to organize political party who has the ability to reunite our people and rebuild our country. A party organized for the purpose of finding solutions and makes Somalia a peaceful country where justice prevails. A party will preserve the interest of our people in Somalia and elsewhere. A party committed to promote nationalism in our citizens and believe Somalia’s conflicts can only be solved by the Somali leadership, and that Somalia belongs to its people.

A party has knowledge and experience to find solutions for the following issues: peace, stability, establishment of good strong government, implementing a well-balanced economy, equality, social developments, social justices, reconstructions, commitments, accountabilities and sustainability. A party has members who are consisting of youth, educators, scholars, politicians, poetries, business people, parents and intellectuals. A party has capability to rebuild relations and commitments between Somalia and the International Community.

A party has clear vision, mission and leadership to unite our people again and reconcile our unnecessarily conflict in Somalia and elsewhere.  A party has aptitude to wipe out the harmful effects of tribalism and promote tolerance, respect and collaboration. However, the party has all the above quality is the Tiir. It welcomes to all Somalis whoever has a legitimate new political reconciliation agenda for the Somali people.

Tiir works hard day and night to end our two decade conflict and ready to establish new hope for its people and country. To learn more about the Tiir, please visit our webpage

Thank you all very much and my Allah bless you here and after.

Executive Board
Tiir Party