Brief History

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This Somali Political Party was establish under the name of Somali Peace & Progress (SPP) July 22, 2006, and renamed itself Tiir Party June 21, 2011. In 2006 a group of young Somali professionals, who were concerned about the conflicts and issues taking place in Somalia, held a teleconference to discuss their deep concerns for Somalia’s future. They discussed Somalia’s ongoing conflicts, and seemingly endless wars, and what they as Somalis could do as a group to save Somalia.

They reminded each other that the mission was not going to be an easy mission. While discussing ideas and solutions, they realized there was a need to create a political party that would work for the interests of all Somalis, and they came up the name of Tiir Party.

They agreed that Tiir Party will work in the best interests of our people, whether they are in Somalia or abroad. These professionals were deeply worried about the future of Somalia and decided to work to put an end to the ongoing violence in Somalia. At the end, these young folks understood that they were the hopes and dreams of their people and country.

They understood that in the midst of suffering and chaos it is difficult to design a lasting peace. They realized that if they could work together from their lives of relative safety, they could contribute significantly by devoting their energy and commitment. They decided to accept the challenge and the responsibility of working toward a permanent solution for their country.