Chairman’s Message

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Assalamu Calaykum,

First and foremost, we want to take this opportunity to express our deep sincere and respect for your endless efforts to help our people. We believe that Tiir Party needs your leadership, knowledge and experience to help rescue our nation and country.

Today, Somalia needs youth leadership like ‘YOU’ to free itself from the hands of self-interest groups, whether they are Somalis or non-Somalis, and help Tiir Party to restore our nation’s unity, dignity and international goodwill.

Tiir Party is a national Somali political party established in July 22, 2006 by the professional Somali American youth who have graduated from higher institutions here in North America.

Tiir Party members consist of youth, educators, scholars, politicians, business people and intellectuals, who have concerns, similar to yours, about the future of Somalia. This party has the ability to rebuild relationships and commitments between Somalia and the international community.

Dear brother/sister please always remember, our Tiir Party offers new agenda, idea, better leadership, and opportunities for our people and country. We extend to you our warmest welcome with open hands and high regards to join your Tiir Party and we delight to have you as a member.

Faadil Sheikhmohamed