We the members of Tiir Party have come together to form this national Somali political party based on four principles. The members of Tiir Party shall strive to understand and live the principles of the party in our political work, and shall promote the understanding and practice of these principles and values in our citizens. The following four principles “T, I, I, R” shall be embodied by the actions of the party and shall guide all actions of the party members at all times.

T—–Talo-wadaag, means Democracy: We believe it is imperative to establish a system that Somali citizens can share ideas and have a great sense of involvement in their government decisions as they actively participate in policy making process, and have the sovereignty to transfer power from one leader to another through elections without violence.

I—–Israac, means Unity: We believe the only way we can restore our national dignity as a Somalis is unity and that every Somali citizen need to leave his/her tribal ego behind without condition.  We are one nation and a nation without unity is like a body where no two cells stick together. We beleive unity comes from patient, understanding, mutual respect and work together for common goodness.

I—–Islaamnimo, means Islam: We believe everything we do as a Somali nation should be acceptable in our faith because Islam is not just a religion or a fundamentalist political movement, but it is a civilized way of life and it is the true path that leads us to the highest quality of life and prosperity while avoiding all abusive actions that devastated our national dignity and beauty.

R—-Raxmad, means Mercy: We believe mercy allows our nation to obtain peace and love because mercy is related to forgiveness which grants people the chance of redemption, and helps to eliminate unnecessary violence within our citizens. Mercy creates a harmonious, forgiving and loving within our people because mercy is closely tied to compassion and empathy, and without mercy our nation would be too harsh, judgmental, and unforgiving which is far from peace and justice.

Dugsi ma leh qabyaaladi waxeey dumiso mooyaane