Tiir Party greatly appreciates and understands the needs of our people, many of whom have been victims of endless wars and conflicts. Tiir Party was established to undertake the responsibility of finding peaceful solutions to reconcile the Somali groups because for the past two decades Somalia has not found a reasonable peace.

There have been thousands of men, women and children murdered, displaced and victimized in Somalia because of self-interest groups. Tiir Party is determined to find a lasting peace for Somalia, and respectfully negotiate with anyone who opposes our mission to save and unite Somalia for second time. Tiir Party believes that in order to make Somalia a place of good and normal living, we have to first find solutions to the issues that are devastating Somalia and killing our people.

Tiir Party will be working hard to find solutions for the following issues: peace, stability, establishment of good strong government, implementing a well-balanced economy, social development, equality, social justice, taxation, reconstruction, commitment, accountability and sustainability.

Dugsi ma leh qabyaaladi waxeey dumiso mooyaane