Imperative Message

To the current Somali leaders President, Prime Minister and Speaker of the Parliament, we are proposing to you a technique of reconciliation political dialogue to rescue Somalia today. We are reminding to you that political reconciliation is the ultimate goal of peace establishment in Somalia. Peace will occur when dialogue builds up a new relationship between you based on compromise, collaboration, forgiveness, and trust.

To reconcile your political conflict and lead together your nation into the right path, please kindly use the following four processes. Meet three of you round table, bring other key politicians with you, uphold the interest of your citizens rather than personal, and enable yourselves to grow beyond the past to re-establish a normalized, peaceful, and trusting relationship in the present. Always keep in-mind, political reconciliation is a very difficult and begin slow process.

To fully recover and rebuild our country will definitely take many years. However, in this year of 2012 to make peace reconciliation occur in Somalia, it is imperative each and every one of you be open-minded and respectful to others. We know civil war devastated both our citizens and country for decades and reconciliation cannot take place overnight or in months, perhaps not even in a year. However, the peace initiative and reconciliation process can be made by three of you now, and history will record your positive leadership legacy.

To make the peace reconciliation process successful in this year of 2012, establish analytical problem solving workshops as well as political dialogue processes to build sincerity, trust, forgiveness and mercy. If three of you compromise your differences and initiate a clear reconciliation roadmap, we “Tiir” will participate and contribute to the re-establishment of justice and peace in Somalia. We highly recommend three of you to establish truth and sincere political reconciliation processes, and then we will help you to make it real.

To make successful peace reconciliation occur in Somalia, it is imperative to establish a grassroots peace building, which brings together Somali ordinaries, educators, scholars, poets/singers, and caring people who may happen to be uneducated to contribute to a process of trust-building and political reconciliation over the long term. Remember, the process of conflict reconciliation generally includes compromise, collaboration, diplomacy and a creative peace building roadmap, which is what your citizens are expecting from you today.

Overall, compromise, collaboration, and forgiveness between three of you is essential in order to initiate political reconciliation in Somalia in this year of 2012. Forgiveness is a gift you can choose to give even if the person who mistreats you does not ask of it or even want it. In your situation, in order to resolve the political conflict between three of you, forgiveness is an unconditional response of the heart to rescue your nation and lead them into a better live.Sincerely,